About Us


I was holding my favorite Teh Tarik cup (Malaysian Tea) and looking all those people who were enjoying it for the very first time.

Sigh, last day of school is unforgettable.

Soon, we started our “professional” journey with one medium renown ad agency, and as time flew, we went from one to another. A famous quote seemed perfect for our situation that,

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” --Yogi Berra

It was January 16, 2014, we friends decided to start an ad agency not only to make a living but also to give back something to the society in form of awareness about Arts & Media. Our company is unique because we love what we do that’s why we don’t compromise quality over budget. If we start a job then we finish as it should be not as it could be.

Company Name

The first task we had was to decide a name for company. As you know, artists work day and night to create something mind blowing and deep inside artist never think about money but respect and appreciation. So, this word “WellDone” is not less than a Grammy for any true artist.

Logo Inspiration

Hmm. The next mission was nearly impossible to create a brand identity, which means logo in simple words, as you know it’s almost impossible to satisfy an artist. Anyhow, we were looking for something unique but we also wanted to blend love for our soil. As usually hundreds and thousands of freaky and awesome ideas popped out but something was still missing, then on an adventure in Sarawak, we saw Hornbill bird, and we all went *phew*, Now it’s done!

Why Hornbill as logo?
  • Hornbill is national bird of Malaysian State Sarawak.
  • Hornbills have multiple colors.
  • Hornbills are unique because of their Eyelashes.
  • Hornbills have unique personality and attitude.
  • Hornbills are very particular about relations.
  • Hornbills are Malaysian.
  • Hornbill’s presence and status reflect the health of the forest ecosystems.
  • Hornbills play an important role in the customs and traditions of local people.
  • So Now You know!
Special Thanks

We would like to say Alhamdulillah for everything and warm thanks to our parents & family who trusted us, teachers who delivered their knowledge with all their honesty, co-students who made us constructive and stubborn, faculty members to organize memorable events, accounts department for accepting late fees almost every time, cafeteria staff specially barista whose tea was like energy drink for us, security guards who ever let us stay late-night cuz we don’t wanted to go back home, co-workers for being amazing, lovers for expensive presents and food, friends for lending us money & legal advisors for protecting our rights.